Project Description

Cleaner/peeler/cutter FM 850

The fm 850 cleaner/ peeler/ cutter  is a special machine for handling leeks due to high precision cutting of core and root, outputting up to 5000 units/hour.

Cemented carbide knives achieve high efficiency leek cut. Equipped with peeling system to eliminate exterior layers of product, with convertible drums for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Pressurized shower through length of cycle to ensure more efficient washing.

The leaf cut is adjusted according to client needs and optional speed shifter can adjust both belts and drums.


  • Leeks, similar products

Technical specifications:

  • Peeling roller  850 mm long
  • Adjustable height, speed and inclination
  • Total power …5,5 cv hydraulic group
  • Adjustable cemented carbide (leaf and root cut)
  • Direct transmission with hydraulic couplings
  • Output up to 5000 units/hour depending on product
  • Access doors with stop detectors
  • Centralized pressure of tension springs
  • Rotating brush module for cleaning
  • Adjustable cut from 38 to 60 cm
  • 2″ water connection
  • Adjustable tray for product reception
  • Stainless steel constructed
  • Ec documented
  • Water consumption 15 to 20 m3/hour
  • Water pressure 3 to 6 atmospheres
  • Convertible drums
  • Drum cleaning with water
  • All belts have lower guide to center belts
  • Electrical panel